Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Alwayssss......Never Forget to Check Your References

Now have you ever had a moment, and I mean a REAL forehead smacker? The kind that put Homer Simpson to shame. As luck would have it, Ive had some banner ads on this blog for some time. These banner ads lead to our Visalus website and when done properly lead, as one would hope, to the website intended...Now for the forehead smacking moment.

These links were created prior to a slight change in the log on info which, by the way, is embedded into the banner ad link. So for the past couple of weeks, Ive been seeing plenty of traffic here, but none to be seen on the business web site and then as luck would have it, the ever vigilant Half Baked Sourdough sends me a message saying, "Your links aint workin" Short, sweet and to the point.

So once the swelling subsided on the ol' frontal region of my noggin, I fixed the links. DUH. Ok now that THATS taken care of I can get on with the process of changing lives and other things of that nature...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Always Remember the Heroes

Hello Everyone,

Today, I would like to take a moment and remember those Heros and Citizen Heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice on this day in 2001. Id like to ask you to remember where you were when you very first heard about those 2 passenger jets slamming into the Twin Towers.
I was actually sitting in traffic on the 91 west freeway in southern California, on my way to work.
On a typical day in traffic on a California freeway, you'll find most folks on the phone(of course), eating a quick breakfast, putting on makeup, to name a few. This day however, there was NONE of that, everyone I saw, was staring, fixated on the news coming out of their radio speakers, some were crying. As we move forward, Please Remember those who serve and have served, and those who have fallen, both military and citizen. This moment is history CANNOT, and MUST NOT be forgotten, lest we repeat it with those generations yet to come.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Pathconnect...what is it?

Hey Party People!

Im on a roll, so I figured Id let everyone know about a new social network that is available for and geared towards the business minded folks who are tired of the "other" social networking sites. Pathconnect is a social network built by and for business types, as such you wont find the usual cadre' of teeny boppers lookin to get lucky. What you will find is an honest to goodness social network that allows users to get their business ideas out there, and let folks know that youve got some great ideas, and a good business, and maybe are looking for additional partners or even customers. Pathconnect even allows individuals to purchase advertising through the site, or for those lucky individuals in Visalus Sciences they even offer FREE advertising of YOUR Visalus business. It dosent get much better than that! Follow the Pathconnect link and sign up!, it easy, painless, and may just lead you to more business!

To your Life, Health and Prosperity,

Joe and Cece

Marketing Yourself...

Hello again!
I have another video I made for Youtube, this one talks about how important it is to actually get yourself in front of as many prospects as possible. This is the first of many as we do a 90 day blitz to see how far this method of driving traffic actually works...Wish us luck!

Joe and Cece'

Monday, September 3, 2007

Interview with Diana Symbol...

Dear Husband here,
There has been a TON of stuff going on recently, most notably is the Visalus business we've been working for about 60 days. I just finished an interview with Diana Symbol, a Visalus rep who is just about to National Director. So please enjoy the interview, there will be more to come in the next few days.

Monday, August 13, 2007

...And then your computer did what?...

Interesting. Ever have one of those days where your not quite sure what to do? You know the ones...You get up, and go "Hmmmmm, what to work on today...."As luck would have it, I had a few things to check on with the biz opp site and a few things to do around the house, and of COURSE, phone calls to make and prospects to talk to. I found out however that such was NOT the case. After my mother-in-law had to replace her computer with a laptop, DH was called upon to get it set up for her.
Well as those things go, it NEVER goes as forward to about 1 hour ago. The laptop is finally set up to her liking, the other household tasks are undone, and her I am at midnight blogging.
The high point of the day had to be when Tammy Bickel our great freind and direct upline in Visalus who returned from Vitality in San Diego, CA. DH said he could hear the excitement in her voice from across the room. She was on cloud...I dunno, maybe 15 or 20 at least. We have about 88 days to make it to our BMW, which by the way we decided would be the X5 with the V8...woohoo! Well its almost 1 A.M., and we just finished putting up our dream board, soon to be populated! Take care all!

Friday, August 10, 2007


Hello All!

Welcome to the first of what my Dear Husband (from now on DH for short) and I hope to be the first of MANY enlightening entries into this blog as we progress on our path to Life, Health and Prosperity with a new company known as Visalus Sciences. This is not our first entry into the referral marketing game, but is certainly been the most responsive.

Please bear with us as we learn the ins and outs of HTML, which, by the way, my 60 something mother-in-law knows more about than either myself or DH. Wierd I know...but I digress, we are completely new to blogging and essentially an internet friendly refferal marketing business. We will be learning new techniques to approach and contact prospects both within the state of Alaska, and nationwide, and will be sharing them here with all of you.

Visalus Sciences (links provided at the end of this first entry) is, as I said earlier a new company with a relatively small group of PHENOMINAL products. Did I mention they have GREAT products? The flagship product offered is a supplement pack known as the Vi-Pak. It is 4 innocent looking caplets, and two moderate size capsules. The simplicity and small number of actual pills belies the amazing restorative and energizing capabilities held therein.

Our FIRST exposure to this supplement and business came in the form of a VERY good friend of ours. She was known to us as an extremely hard working, honest and forthright individual who had our utmost trust. She told us one day of ths new supplement she had tried and fell in love with. Now bear in mind, she is self employeed in the real estate industry and works 25 hours a day 8 days a week. As time went on, we became very good friends with her and her husband.

We knew she was tired most of the time, not eating right and not sleeping anywhere near as well as she should have been. Long story short, when she told us how well she was sleeping, the energy she was experiencing, we figured there was something to this. I was, as most folks would be, skeptical of the veractiy of the claims made by folks at the presentations we attended. Everything from general malaise to vision improving...Hmmmm we had to check this stuff out for ourselves.

As luck would have it, we were presented with a 3 day sample pack each...Hmmm we thought, prolly wont do us much good, but if she says it works then it must. A little background into the supplement habits of DH and I. I am reactive hypglycemic, wich means that my blood sugars are really squirely with out actually being diabetic. We both take fistfuls of supplements(not anymore) sometimes in excess of 20 a day, but we werent seeing the benefits of this gaggle of homeopathic goodness. Now in vitamins there is a term, its known as synergy, and it is simply this. Some vitamins require a certain type and amount of another vitamin or mineral to see the most benefit. When the types and ratios are not present, then the benefit simply isnt as great or non existent.

This little power house of synergy in the Vi Pak has over 25 years of R&D, and it shows. Within 10 days of taking it, 4 in the A.M., 2 in the P.M. I noticed my blood sugar levels were coming down, the skin on my feet had stopped cracking and was nearly as soft as I had remembered from years ago. As a side benefit to all of that, I went in for a check up and found my blood pressure had dropped to 117/78, WOW, not that my BP was terribly high before, but it certainly wasnt below 120/80. Needless to say, we were convinced. I signed up first, DH will be following suit shortly. This business is probably the best thing to come along for us in a LONG time. As time progresses with this business and the blog we will both be posting our trial, tribulations and pearls of wisdom.

To your Life, Helath and Prosperity!


As promised here are the links to the Visalus business opportunity and product website.

Business Opportunity:

Product Website: